Hi, welcome to Cai's home page.
I have been developing large scale web systems in java and other technologies for many years.
I have also experienced the network design and installed web servers and application servers and setup securities on unix, Linux, to publicize web systems on the internet.
Here in my home page, I am lining up few systems delveloped quickly with the framework designed by myself.
I have summarized some of my skills below. Any questions or requests, please free free to contact me.

Experience snapshot

-- Having years of experience to develop web systems more than 3 tiers(presentation,business logic,database).
Making good use of many open sources including struts and ejb, J2ee, seaser,grails, and jsf, javaEE technologies.

-- managed and created prototypes for mutil-tier web products. They are running well in Japan. like:
+ Electronic insurance application system
+ The accounting information System

-- Designing and developing projects in many programming languages such as html, javascript, jsp, jsf, java, groovy, VB, C++, VB.net., JSP, SQL, and so on

-- Worked as project manager, successfully delivered many systems.

-- Executed trade booking data hub system for a global leading securities company.

※you can reach me at.