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Free Comprehensive Notebook manage System

     * At present,the following functions are available.New function is under construction.Please let me know if you want to use new function.
          Simple Schedule Management
          Favorite Sites Management
          Timesheet Management
          Trip Fare Management
          Business Card Management
User ID

※You can use demouser as user id and password to take a tour.Please don't delete user demouser!

Features :

  • Free
  • Designed for everbody
  • Simple Registration

  •      Only User ID and Password are required
  • Password is encrypted
  • It is free and simple to quit membership

  •      Once quited,all data will be completely deleted.
  • Japanese,Chinese and English are available

  •      But Chineseo email and CSV export file are underconstruction
  • Data is portable
         Can export to and import from text files
         Can email data

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